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Wake Up
  • thestorysofar
    “I often find myself wondering how much of myself I should offer to people,” says Norway’s most exciting new pop prospect, Fanny Andersen. “Maybe I’ll trust them with forty percent of me, or sixty, even ninety. But the only place I’m 100% myself is in my music. That’s where I have no boundaries. In music I’m never afraid or embarrassed. I never wonder if something’s too personal; I worry that it’s not personal enough.” We’re all busy people so let’s just state right now that if you’re looking for a picture-perfect pop princess you can move along now. If, on the other hand, you’re in the market for a singer-songwriter who by her own admission “can be perfect sometimes but messy as fuck the rest of the time”, you might be in the right place. Edgy and honest but with a warmth and humanity that’s hard to resist, Fanny Andersen’s new material is the story of someone coming out of a dark place and finding her own voice on her own terms. “Writing music has been much more difficult this time round,” she accepts, “but it needed to be hard — because what I wanted to say wasn’t easy.” Somewhere in the wreckage of the last few years Fanny found the confidence to stand her ground, and the voice to tell her story. Upcoming music sees a diverse array of collaborations including Olly Burden (The Prodigy), Steve Weston (Skrillex / Rudimental), Dimitri Tikovoi (Placebo / Charli XCX) and Jamie Reynolds (Klaxons).
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